Monday, June 18, 2007

Never Been Kissed ;-)))

Been tagged by the biggest brat in blogosphere, Silverine, to come up wth a post on one of the landmark moments of youth, the first kiss. I must warn y'all at the very outset that this post will be a big letdown if you expected to read my antics. Without further ado, lemme jump headlong into the story of a first kiss. My final semester of university, only one course to do, the job hunt yet to begin, I was mourning the coming end of my student days and readying for a farewell to all fun and frolic. That is when a bait to visit the Silicon Valley for the first time was thrown at me by my senior and good friend, P. P had a habit of dozing behind the wheels and needed company on the trip.

San Jose - circa Jan 2004 - The trip as i casually mentioned was something more than that, P was getting married. S, his fiance, a Mallu ABCD, was an American citizen while P was on an H1B visa and the situation necessitated a legal wedding having to be registered. We arrived at S's house. There was some talking going on out of my earshot. P came out and asks, "Da, can you be the witness at the ceremony?" Most of S's family had to be at work that day and the rest were all minors. I gamely agreed and we left.

Clerk: "I pronounce thee, man and wife".
(I click fotos, P & S are visibly relieved. That is when the bombshell drops.)
Clerk: "Now you may kiss the bride."
P: "Ayyo!" (He turns to me with a pathetic Enna Cheyyum Aliya look.)
S: (quickly pinches P on his arm hoping the clerk, an old woman couldnt see).
Me: (scratching my head, touching the wall, as though examing and smelling the fresh paint, unable to muffle my laughter. I get my camera ready.)
The clerk begins to wonder what is happening. Obiously the poor thing didn't know this was an arranged wedding and the church ceremony was yet to be held.

P&S comes closer. I watch out of the corner of my eye with bated breath for the first kiss between two virtual strangers and that too indians, i was seeing in my lifetime, debating whether to snap a pic or not. P moved quick all of a sudden. S readies her lips. P makes a lunge, reaches her side, lands a peck on S's cheek and is back at base position in a matter of seconds. My fingers trembled and ruined the kodak moment that never found its way to pixeldom. The clerk's puzzlement had reached its zenith seeing my uncontrolled laughter now and i wondered if the sternness she now exhibited was a primer for an upcoming reprimand to me for spoiling the pristine moment.

The newly married Mr.& Mrs.P sign the register followed by the witness, whose fingers still trembled from the unexpected thrill.
Clerk: "Phew! That was some wedding!"
The three of us made good our escape, redfaced with P making me promise, never to reveal this to anyone.
Me: Cheh...Chammi! Indiakaarude vela kalanjallo Annai! Itharinjaayirunnel namukke coaching erpaduthaamaayirunnu.
P Mindipokaruthe. Ithe neeyo njano allaathe moonamathoraal arinjaal anne ninte anthyam!

Anyways this is one promise i break for the sake of a kiss. If you guys thought you would get to read me in sorry to disappoint...too many nosey parkers from tvm haunt this blog...anonymity is a luxury i would have loved to afford for this tag!


silverine said...

NOT FAIR!!!! hmmmph!

I demand a repost!!!


LOL!!! Poor guy I can imagine the scene. When a friend of mine got married to a foreigner, the same situation presented itself :))

Anonymous said...

heh too many nosey anonymous parkers from TVM sure do haunt your place :P

Anonymous said...

hey jiby,

fantastic :))))

Anish Mathew

mathew said...

Lol!! u escaped with this..please can you inspire me with a cheeky idea!!Alexis said he is searching for kissable girls in cochin..I get skinned by german hunks if I did the same!!!

but too good a scene man!!

joseph said...

cheriya kalipu :D

hope and love said...

lol..!! wonder if anyone will write abt a real kiss..

Anonymous said...

Vann put it in a gripping way...script pole undu :)))...kalakki!

I'm reading yr last post piece by piece...ultimate one!...but dont really want it to get over

Anonymous said...

rgds, BVN
(Google login disabled, pazhaya india alla)

Anonymous said...

guess some of us know what u talking abut! Guess "P" doesnt read blogs.

silverine said...

You are tagged with a tag I created which I know you will enjoy doing and we will all enjoy reading :)

Preetha Nair said...
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Preetha Nair said...

Wish I could write something so funny and Happy...
read your new post too...but couldnt comment :)

have mailed you my comment

Keep writing