Friday, March 11, 2005 us some mercy!

It seems Yamadevan is facing the same problem Sonia Gandhi is having with K.Karunakaran. I along with many other keralites have unapologetically waited years for this kizhavan to die but it looks like both heaven and hell are scared of the ruccus he'd create there.... he just seems to get more chirpier with age. I hope Oommen Chandy's tough stance works....the useless and puritanical A.K.Antony is more smarter than I thought...he is pleading with the high command for the very people who made his life hell...with Murali and Karunakaran out of the way Chandy is goin to be the numero uno in Kerala and that will plunge him into oblivion(the way i see it these days is antony and karunakaran were playing ball all these years and the two I and A groups they created were just a means to ensure their hegemony in kerala. Antony's able and immensely popular lieutanants-the trio of Chandy, Aryadan and Thiruvanchoor who were the main troubleshooters of the A group seem to have realised the pawns they have been made all these years by him and are keeping their distance these days.

All through the last 4 years the K-Family's brinkmanship has caused the ruling UDF to divert valuable time from development work to solving the never dissidency. I just wish the holy trinity (father, son and daughter) are dumped by the Congress in the same way people trashed them in the last elections. For the last 12 years that I have been closely following Kerala politics I have always hoped of a day when the Congress wins an election with enuf seats to rule by themselves without such corrupt and self-serving allies like the Muslim League and Kerala Congress. In Chandy I saw the man ready to accomplish the task but increasingly I am seeing a man weary of the frequent troubles he has unwittingly fallen into. From being the media's darling he has to skirt the press and is seeing his enimies use them as great weapons in hurting him. I must confess I am a great fan of his despite his alleged shady dealings bcoz we have had enuf of two previous CM' who talked and talked and the other who baulked and baulked. Pinarayi Vijayan's ascendancy in the CPM is a positive change bcoz I hope they will dump their archaic communist philosophy's and adapt progressive measures like the 4th world concept. ...he is by the way another slick-n-shady customer but like Chandy reputed for being an able administrator. I somehow have this feeling that Kerala is going to get into rapid development mode despite the mindless political games our netas play....the rapid growth the Cochin area is witnessing these days gives us all cause to dream. Any takers(all u other states) for an 87 year old octagenarian who is sending the age-old indian tradition of respecting our elders for a toss!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Of Jobs, Blogs and being fantastical...

Am glad to be back. Got a temporary reprieve I should say. Had been working without pay for last two months and again short of cash but finally the salary came in. Thought I'd celebrate that with a posting here. Am still in the trenches but atleast I can financially survive the battle that needs to be fought now. Well thats the easiest part. Dealing with the whimsical nature of my mind will be the tough part...this time hopefully prior experience will soften the blows idleness and my ego will keep landing on me while the battle lasts. The funny thing abt blogging is that its like a personal diary thats out there for the world to read...I sort of like that...having faced the ordeal of my sister sneaking on my diary and relishing the deeply private incidents I penned down from the bottom of the heart. With time the heart recedes allowing the mind to rule...thats wht u call growing older! Well my diary writing got nipped in the bud thanks to ms.poke-ur-nose's blackmailing besides the embarassing effects diary writing had on a certain viswanatha prasad who had to bear the mortification of seeing his deeply personal agenda's, poems, thoughts and fancies becoming the object of corporate broadcasting that wud have made bbc proud by us prying savages. Anyways it feels good to be blogging as it has sort of started substituting the long emails I used to torture my poor classmates in college and school with thru the yahoogroups.Guess I have been talking in riddles up till now!

Anyways getting back to context I am gonna be jobless and out in the ruthless market in two days. I was offered the option of working remotely(tele-commuting) but I said Thanks,but no thanks....the confidence seemed justified as it looked as though I had all but sewed up an interview for an IT consulting job...and well I hired the guy who is gonna replace me too and is training him now while I face the ignominy of another spell of unemployment. Lady Luck's blue-eyed-boy that I always fancied myself to be has been getting black-eyed from the countless mishaps in the job-hunt. From the high-and-mighty IBM to the low-and-measly I have'nt yet figured out why I cant make the best of my interviews and jobs. My dad says I am going thru a sheni dasha until this september. Viswan noted the irony when he said I bought the Saturn around the same time. Anyways dunno whts the big change thats gonna happen afterwards. Well there are always silver linings and the move to LA, getting back with friends, being able to got to the kerala store and watching malayalam movies at the theatre gives me a sort of thrill(must admit am nowadays so used to looking at the brighter side of things sometimes beyond reason too). The catch is having to leave beatiful, clean and safe San Diego for the polluted, crowded and dangerous Los Angeles. Anyways lots of work to get done besides the job search....finding temporary accomodation until All-fools day, a new apartment, moving stuff...routine life affords me with nothing to rite on, when i get back hopefully there will be a lot to write about. ....dunno when i'll blog looking for the rite job, this time, so that I dont think of another hop from Day1...