Thursday, January 13, 2005

A poem...

Well I wrote a poem after a long long time...almost four years now! I tried to post it on but the fools have a 20 line limit now.Well I dont want to butcher my poem...will leave it here for the time-being!


When the winding maze gets hazy
And I feel I will go crazy
A light always shines, leading me on
Even in the most blinding Darkness,
Giving me direction and reason,
To fight one more day without giving up.

That Light which shines on is my parents love,
The score and five years of my existence,
I have given them cause for shame and pride,
Happiness and sorrow, frustration and Hope.
Through it all they persisted, I am but the mould
They crafted. In their shade I grew into Man.

Thousands of miles, land and sea
Forest and desert, lies between them and me
But our minds unfailingly meet, parents of today
Lucky are those near your kids. As for mine
I see they are oddly smiling or in silent sobs, living
With the memories distance couldnt take away.

Will all the heartaches I caused,
Will all the bonds that bind us, Be strong
Give me the strength, that I break
All that fetters me to this foreign shore.
On that day, Oh peace of mind, you will forever be mine.

Copyright 2005 - Jiby Kattakayam

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