Saturday, June 24, 2006

Getting Personal...

Been tagged by Silverine...and i just love to take up tags...nothing better to lighten the mood at this dreary blog of mine.

My Accent - I believe its neutral but I think I have a little South-Indian tinge to it...but not the mallu version of it.

Booze - Was initially a hard-core drunkard. Restricted myself to beer in later college life. Took to Chabillis and Merlot first and then Scotch with a vengeance in the US. Nowadays its beer once a month. If I didnt keep running into old friends still, would have given it up for good.

Chore I Hate - Cooking! I'd rather be washing dishes or sweeping the floor than cooking. Was the source of several tiffs with my roomies and then my sis!

Dog or Cat - Neither. Infact I am scared of all animals!

Essential Electronics - Nothing these days. I am learning to keep life simple these days...wud have given up my fone if not for parents and friends.

Perfume - lol...not the rite question for me...caught in the sweat and toil of natural body odour most of the time...but if ur already letting out a yuckkk...I take 3 baths a day to compensate!!

Gold or Silver - I hate mom makes me wear a gold chain...i comfort myself that it'll be the first thing i pawn when i get into financial trouble!!! But speaking of others, gals certainly look good with a lil gold on them...thats the old-fashioned mallu in me talking!!!

Home - At Pattom in Trivandrum...the place has been my home forever. Its exactly 4 years and one day since i left the cool comforts of my home to make my life...these days i feel like a guest there if not for my sis has left and taken my mom along and dad is always bedroom is twice as big as the rooms i have lived in over the last 4 years and i just cant get used to it!!!

Insomnia - I can stay up all night at will and go to sleep too with the same ease if i choose. But insomnia scares the shit out of wud be really dreadful to be afflicted.

Job Title - IAS "Aspirant" ...hehe

Living Arrangements - Now...dont make me cry!

Most Admirable Traits - I love kids and am always a big hit with them...yeah I am really proud of that fact...nowadays i wonder if thats my only talent!!! And I make sincere efforts to keep my friends in touch with each other...wherever I am. This website and many of the posts in my blog are dedicated to the fond memories they have given me over the years.

Number of Sexual Partners - I am a "loser" in that department. Blame it on years of male bonding and lovable rogues who have orbitted my life thats ensured i never felt discontented and incomplete.

Number of Times in Hospital - Quite a few times. Once for a bike accident and the rest for fevers.

Phobias - Vertigo!!!

Quote - Kittiyaal Ooty Allengil Chatti

Religion - Catholic

Siblings - One Sister...she is stupid but she's still the BEST!(u reading this jish?...hehe...cudnt resist choriyufying)

Time I Wake Up - 10:30am - 12:30 am now that i dont have to work.

Unusual Talent or Skill - Flatter to Decieve!

Vegetable I Love - Cabbage(Thorran)...Infact I am beginning to like all vegetables except abt getting older!!!

Worst Habit - I am too restless...i think it reflects in everything i do.

X-Rays - Once!

Yummy Food I Make - Though I hate to cook, I make excellent Chicken Curry/Fry. And in university, I once made a sizzling Chilli Gobi by accident, this inspired my friends who joined in to cook their specialities and finally we all had a surprise feast, one night...good days come unplanned!

Zodiac Sign - Virgo/Libra Cusp

People I Tag - Reji, Thanu, Geo, Sarah, Anand.K and all my blogpals if u guys are interested.


Sarah said...

we hv few things in common.. first being..dislike for pavakka..My kids have not even eaten it..( no way mama is going to buy and cook pavakka!!)

silverine said...

"Job Title - IAS "Aspirant"

Good for you Jiby!!!

Really good one, with your trademark earthiness :)

Well if you like washing up and sweeping then, you are excused from cooking :))

Sleeping at will and staying awake is something only sadhus can do I thought. Amazing!!!

I love cabbage thorran too!

Unusual Talent or Skill - Flatter to Decieve! ...okkk I am now going to disregard all your comments on my blog :p (lol kidding)

I love the rugrats too, in fact the greatest compliment I have received was when a bunch of 8 year old guys insisted that I play Cricket with them and not Chetan (my brother) :))

Thank you for the insights!! :)

Jiby said...

sarah, my mom has tried and failed with initiating us to pavakka in so many forms - theeyal, thorran and fry...all that remains is the notorious pavakka juice!!!

silverine, i dont like washing/ sweeping either...i have found that to be the only acceptable compromise solution to the other party. UR real sharp, flattering to decieve i never thought it cud be interpreted that way too...i make big promises to make ppl happy and have a by-now fine-tuned way of not making them feel bad even if i dont do wht i promised!

Anand K said...

I have accepted this tag, O evil one!
This one's pretty good.....

Loved your quote. Make or break, eh? More power to our tribe.....

BTW, you have vertigo? Cool! Thanx for that piece of information. Now I know what "surprise" to give you on yer next birthday.

ARK said...

"kittiyal ooty illengil chatti"...methinks is a very useful stand in life. hoping that the "aspirant" tag goes away very soon and the rest 3 letters stay. i will be the last person to be surprised by how much your friends mean to you! Loyola, after all...

Anonymous said...

What exactly is a eutal accent?

Jiby said...

anon, i guess neutral accent means u cant place where exactly in india i am from. hope that answers ur question!!!

Di said...

just happened to pass by ur blog and guess wat!! i too am a virgo/libra cusp...!!

and talking of "gals certainly look good with a lil gold on them...thats the old-fashioned mallu in me talking!!!"

u really shud read my latest post ;)