Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mandate for a Time-Freeze???

The elections are over...I felt depressed seeing the difference in calibre of the two left leaders who won...buddadheb in bengal, looking at the way ahead for his state and asking young men who left its soil to return, talking astutely on a wide range of opportunities for bengal and vs achuthanandan in kerala on the other hand looking back into the past and raising his bogeys of forest mafias and sex scandals and of the great foreign investment conspiracy!

The Congress didnt do badly...all over the state from trivandrum to kasargod all the congress leaders with a mass-base and who consider themselves answerabile to the people...have won belying all predictions!! Oommen Chandy's victory in Puthupally, G.Karthikeyan in Aryanad, Aryadan Mohammed in Nilambur, Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan in Adoor, K.C.Venugopal in Alappuzha, C.P.Mohammed in Pattambi, etc, etc are just some of the names i need to mention. Even when everyone predicted the UDF would go down I always had this feeling that several Congressmen who had worked hard in their constituencies would still romp home comfortably.

The DICK as predicted by all is over as a was tragi-comic to see Mr.K in tears...the kingman of kerala politics looks set to waste away in oblivion(ouch...i feel the cruelty of my own words!). I have a suggestion for K.Muraleedharan...with all the allegedly immense wealth he has inherited, should get into film production and save our poor cinema industry. The Muslim League is finally paying for ignoring the poor people who have been their votebank for ages...I really dont think fundamental groups like PDP and Jamaat mattered too much...their leaders had lost their abiding link with the masses. Anways, sad to see Dr.M.K.Muneer who was an intelligent leader too getting felled. And to make it super-sweet all those good-for-nothing allies of the udf jss of gowriamma, mv raghavan of cmp, the rsp's, the kerala congresses of balakrishan pillai and tm jacob(now erstwhile!) have bitten the elections i'd like to see young congressmen get to become ministers instead of these big guns who've been ministers for too long and had just as much vision as their failing eyes afforded them!!!

Coming back to the cpm...there's a lot of things to cheer about too...there are some capable and reform-minded men among their midst too...Thomas Isaac, M.A.Baby, P.J.Joseph and some really decent men like Paloli Mohammed Kutty, N.K.Premachandran, Ramachandran Kadannapally, etc who will be becoming ministers. Lets hope for the very best from them. And another interesting thing to note is that more than 130 of our mla's are atleast graduates which is great but when we juxtapose them with national level leaders of cpm, inc, bjp we find they pale out in terms of their fluency in english, and media wonder most of the mp's we vote from kerala are derided as backseaters in parliament...someday hope even that changes!!!

Well, i just wanted to key in a quick post, as a quick aside i'd like to report that the monsoon seems to have set in a few days earlier than the weathermen predicted as its been raining non-stop for the last 5-6 hours and getting back...everyone's crossing their fingers on the fate of kerala, but then lets face it, there's a huge class-divide here. the peasant and labour class root for everything v.s.achuthanandan stands for while we the middle classes cant bear his sight for a second. Kerala has kept its date with its past and voted out an incumbent, sadly this was a well-performing one. It wont be long before the new govt gets into its act, spells out its policies and shows where its political and economical leanings lie...until then i'll wait in silence and not rant and rave anymore about a missed opportunity!!!!


Thanu said...

I dunno Y but I was never inclined towards politics. My dad is glued to Surya and Kairali since 2.00AM EST.

He subscribed to these channels just b4 the election. Some ppl like him just care too much.

Geo said...

i told ya :-)

silverine said...

This was one of the best Election Dissection I have read.

but then lets face it, there's a huge class-divide here

Therein lies the crux of the problem. Somehow I feel Achu and his Geriatric Brigade will do exactly opposite of what they preached. He may just take forward the work that the present govt. has left finished. He cannot ignore the rapid strides that the neighbouring states have achieved and if he is clever enough, he will bring in progress albeit under the red banner. Miracles do happen. Look what happened in Karnataka! Junior Gowda turned out to be a pleasant surprise!

p.s. and I may have to eat these words :))

Sarah said...

whoever rules would an average child in Kerala have a future in Kerala? Would there be anymore rainforest left when I go back home? I hope the answer is yes to both

Vinod/Kakka said...

Though V.S. would like to portray this as a victory for anit- everything, I think this has been a vote for decency and clenliness in politics: As Jiby says, most of the "clean" politicians, and the MLAs useful to the populace won.

Anonymous said...

Well said mach.

I still believe that the election would have been a much closer one if the UDF hadn't taken DIC with them. UDF would be loosing for sure but then atleast the whole scenario would have been much better.Anyways, as far as I can see this election meets the end of DIC!

The failure of Muneer was very sad indeed!. For that matter the election campaign of UDF was surely on the low end this time. I guess party supporters were confused becuase of the last minute drama!..In my area, I could see the UDF campain just twice or thrice during the entire period whereas there was an LDF campaign everyday... with all those projectors showing the state of farmers etc etc and VS documentary to lure the poor people.

Newways, VS is a good man and has good intentions but only thing he needs to change is not to only think about the poor and labour class but of the entire people in kerala, just like the UDF.

This change was inevitable unless and until Oomen had been appointed CM for the entire 5 years!

Anyways hope for the best and "Lal Salam" for the next five years ;)

P.S: I am done with fever, goto have a couple of beers after your exam. Get IAS and then become a finance minister just like our Alfons( He may become the finance minister) and then you can change everything man!!..All the best!


Babin said...

Since LDF can afford not to play petty politics for the next 5 years, I hope they will start showing signs 'vivekam' in their brains that they were conviniently hiding for the last 5 yrs.

Like Buddedev said " I am a realist", which communist in kerala would utter those words??

calvin said...

Achu mama has no clout !!! Home minstry goes to Kodiyeri , which is like Givin the home keys to the Theif. aaargh !!

thoughtrains said...

I do agree with 'aashik' for his comment on Kodiyeri.'Aabyantharam mathramalla Vigilancum koodi kodiyerikku' ennu kettappol njettiyathu keralathile saadharana janangalanu.Ekkalatheyum valiya criminal aanu Kodiyeri. Achuthanandente kaikal maathramalla kalukalum koodi phalathil bandikka pettirikkunnu.Samadana jeevitham sadaranakkaranu eni kai ethum doorathil allennartham. But let's hope for the best!