Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Changes Galore...

I am in a place and situation I never expected to find myself in. I never thought I would ever have to sit in front of books with the intention of reproducing them in exams after the MS torture but here i am surrounded by a fortress of books all around my bed guarding me like a sleeping beauty, never thought I would have to sit in classes though I would vouch that they are a hundred times better than sleepy afternoon office meetings, after a few years of doing laundry, dishes, cleaning(hehe) and occasional cooking its a relief to have a cook, dhobi and a maid servant doing these chores. And in last few weeks i have begun to believe that we still need a lot of socialism to keep taking all our indians forward.

I have basically a subject called General Studies(covering Modern Indian History, Economics, Social Issues, Civics, Geography, Statistics, Sci & Tech) and two optionals, History and Sociology to study and I am supposed to put in 9-10 hours of self study besides 5 hours in class, 7 days a week. Am yet to get to full speed but thankfully I love all these subjects without exception and slogging those extra hours doesnt suck really. The cold is slowly setting in, studying on the bed(combine cold + bed + studies and u get an excellent cocktail to go sleep...hehe!!!) , jolly nice roomates who illegally tap cable tv wires and bring superb english movie vcd's home are breezy temptations i am learning to avoid. Thankfully I move into a single room next week and will have space for a table and chair!!!

Talked to my loyola bud, Kicha(Krishnachandran) who is also in Delhi and I just cant wait to meet him. Ironically while I moved to India he is moving to the US next year. I am sure his genius and flair for architecture will find recongnition there. Last night got a call from another pal I havent seen for 4 long years, Thomman(Capt.Ninan Thomas)...The cliched pattaalam that he is, the dear fellow without me asking for it, in army style started pepping me up(he calls it josh!) and i ended up pumping my fists and studying till 6 in the morning today. I always thought I had the quality to motivate others with my talking but it doesnt work for myself and I sometimes dont like others trying to inspire me, but his words last night did the trick for me. He has promised to spend a few days with me in jan and eitherway Jammu is only an overnite away and man...thats something i will look forward to...bcoz guys and friends just dont get better than him.

I had reserved the xmas holidays for 7 days of the most meticulously planned vacation of my life. 3 days with my parents and sis - including a much awaited celebrating of my uncle's 25th year of priesthood, my first christmas at home in 4 years, 2 days with school buddies - plans were on for a trekking expedition to meenmooti on its 4th anniversary(wait for the post on that guys, just wait for that...i promise to make u guys laugh a lot with that!) and the customary gettogether back in school where we play football, basketball and cricket and at the end of the day just sit back on the quadrangle steps and relive every moment of our schooldays before leaving for dinner at kalavara and a second show to taper off the night - these have been a continuing tradition for the last 8 years. After this I leave for 2 days for the high-point of the vacation...a day at kumarakom coconut grove in a houseboat with my buddies from college - the savages for company and the next day at varkala beach resort. I am faced with a tough decision - whether I should go or not...a realisation that 7 days of lost study does mean a lot has come in...lets see what my heart tells me at the last moment.

The feeling of goin thru the most dangerous phase of my life is driving me, it will be all or nothing at the end of this journey. When I swam with the tide I just had to keep afloat and that wuz enuf to i feel a lot of spirit, the kind i never knew existed in me. My mom and i were making fun of my dad that he wud soon have to give up astrology as, the shukran he predicted for me had turned out this way and he gave us a sheepish smile with a dont-tell-anyone look. I am really thankful for my parents, despite their fears we talked and joked so much in those few days...they were god's first and most enduring gift to me... hope I can soon prove to be the other way round!! Anyways to round off with a bit of oddity, I read once again about Raja Rammohan Roy in History and remembered once more what he me he is as great as Gandhi bcoz he was the lone braveheart and first Indian in an age of utter decadance to raise a political agitation against the British...the first man to realize we fell to the British bcoz we lived and studied and glorified our past without perceing how Europe and the world modernized with an emphasis on scientific thought and learning. So until the next spark to write, its alvida from me...i wish i had more time for access to internet!


silverine said...

After reading this post I long to be a student again. You must be feeling a great sense of happines in studying subjects you enjoy and moving on a career path that you chose rather than was thrust upon you.There seems to be a lot of happiness and joi d'vivre in this post.

£ijo Isac said...

IAS?? All the Best :-)

Anonymous said...

All the best..

Sujith said...

hey great going man.. so, locked inside a fortress of books huh!

> silverine
its not that good to be a student again mam :-(

Shan said...

Machu Way to go!.I thought you had no access to the internet.this is TOP STUFF!. Will give you a call within a couple of days.

You take care and study well..
I have been dreaming about showing some aadambaram in a state car since you have taken this decision..... so,PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE STUDY WELL..haha


Geo said...

Pretty interesting and inspiring...
Keep posting dude...

May be by the time u complete your IAS, I can recommend this link for motivational reading :_)

@jithU: Its for people who intend to study :_D

silverine said...

@Jithu:that's because you are not studying the subjects you like :))
@Geo: Lol ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jiby,

Its great to read that you are enjoying your IAS routine, Delhi and your chefs cooking.

Jiby said...

silverine, very true wht u said... doesnt feel like i am studying even for a moment...which makes me feel a bit guilty too that i am being escapist when all my friends are working.

LI, thank you very much.

jithu, the only reason i dont wanna do an mba is a dread of exams, assignments and sleeping in classrooms day-in and day-out. wht the heck man, ur in cheer up!

shan, must confess i do a lil dreaming too...if i scrape in i promise u'll get the ride in the state car provided u guys convert all this hard work into a super-success story and ride around tvm in flashy bmw's to everyones envy and pride. so make that happen!!

geo, thanks man. paavam jithu, he never complains of his academic life in any of his posts...which i find surprising unlike most iimians who scare us with descriptions of the feirce competition there.

vikku, thanks yaar...wuz a pleasant surprise seeing ur comment here...any plans to start a tech blog???? neways after all those early days of dumb questions in the networks class i am sure u must be the bond at!

lightlaughter said...

Take care and study well,All the best

Sujith said...

> geo
ha ha.. :-)

> silverine
well, kind of :-)

> jiby
hellow, i dont sleep in class okay :-)). geo, u there? did u read what jiby said?

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog sometime back when one of my collegemates forwarded it to me. yesterday i was explaining concept of 'blog' to my room mate and i showed her your blog. It was then i really started reading it.... You are truly gifted ! Yesterday i fell asleep really nostalgic .. thinking about trivandrum..(though didn't have so exciting time like yours, I miss the place..)

may you succeed in your new endeavour :-)