Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Seven...before I'm in Heaven???

Seven things you plan to do before you die!!!
- Write a much ever crappy it turns out i know i will have atleast a hundred readers from school, college and the blog world.
- Spend one year of my life entirely in travel...six months through india and the rest thru africa, asia and europe.
- Go back to Loyola and teach something for a year if the good jesuits feel like a Loyolite and a schoolboy again!
- Plant a thousand trees in Kerala
- Become self-employed and work for my own profit.
- Apologize to all the people I hurt or let down, in getting on with my life.
- On my death-bed, be able to look back and smile at all I did and was lucky to experience.

Seven things you can do!!
- In 1998 when on parting ways at Loyola, we promised to reunite at Athens in 2008, 10 years later for a sounded very crazy then...and today even more so as we grapple with working-day realities...i want to make it happen!
- Do a part-time MBA or creative writing courses to wile away my post-work hours.
- Call my parents every day and talk to them for more than my usual few mins...i suck big-time when it comes to phone-chat!
- Next time, my schoolmates call, get the sixteen odd suckers here to meet up at one place(we had planned for next years' mardi gras but with new orleans down in the dumps that plan stands wasted), instead of just talking on the phone!
- Offer atleast a couple of days of my life and company at an orphanage or old-age home, instead of sympathy.
- Visit Fr.Pulickal's grave at Calicut, spent some time there, just him and me and tell the old man how his spirit lives strong in each one of us.
- Offer atleast an hour of my Sundays' to God every week, instead of my wry smile and hope that he wouldnt turn a blind eye when i call out to him in need.

Seven things you can't do!!!
- Behave like an adult to a 5 year old child.
- Speak and act as frank and honest as my words and thoughts.
- Fall in love again without my parents permission.
- Ride out a roller-coaster with my eyes open even for a second.
- Going to a nightclub and partying
- Filling that unforgiving minute with sixty seconds' worth of a distant run
- Too lazy to work-out

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!
- Independence
- Smiles
- Intelligence
- Contentment
- Dignity
- Humor
- Traditional

Seven people you want to take this quiz.
- Arun Hari
- Praveen
- Jithu
- Sushil
- Anoop(atleast now get back!)
- Jofu (u can do much better than just pictures)
- Shan(if u wanna start blogging)

Well, this one post is for Silverine from whose site many of my current blog-pals came visiting. Most of it must have been crazy...but then, thats me...a bundle of contradictions and wild idiosyncrasies!


silverine said...

Well...I don't think anyone can better this list Jiby. I would like to borrow some of the things you have listed...

Planting Trees
Apologize to people I have hurt
Give my time instead of money to an orphange

This tag made me very instrospective and the more I think of it, the more the list of thing I would like to do increases :)

Sushil said...

Very interesting read. Iam very curious about the "cannot fall in love without my parents consent" point :-) .
Luckily I had done something similar but with a 4 day window recently. Shall put my list up in a couple of days.

Jiby said...

anjali, thanks for the tag but must admit i started on it very pessimistically but finally seven seemed too less a number to wind up with!
sushil, oh...thats a long story, maybe for some other day and post...or maybe not, coz i wonder if i will hurt others...but i am wiser from the experience!

Sujith said...

jiby, it was a nice read.. some nice virtues u have..

btw, u really want me to take this? :-)

Jiby said...

jithu, most of these are virtues yet to come out! so until then lets call it nice "plans" for the future! yeah i understand perfectly...dont ever feel like i am binding u to pass on this tag!

Matter of Choice said...

This is an awesome list!!!!

I too would really like to look back on my death-bed and give a smile back to this world before i begin my journey to nowhere!

ps: i dont think u should do any creative writing course. unless u want to teach that!!. Ur writing is already so good that i fear any course will only confine you to a straitjacket!