Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Now I am confused in all respects. About my future plans, visit to India, relocating to LA and even writing this blog!!! Why did life have to become so complicated!!?? I am thinking of changing jobs again but am met with a surprisingly common question by my recruiters...why this job hopping...aint u not stable??? fact is the two jobs although they taught me a lot...were just meant to be ill-fated...the first one i was under-paid and fatigued, and in the current one a mammoth application written in VB(my pet-hate in the world now) has become my waterloo. But the silver lining and infact the bottom line now thru these misadventures was that I finally have found direction, confidence and purpose in the IT field after 6 years of barely staying afloat and letting the tide take me along. I am getting more and more confident in .Net. But what of the future...wht about 3 years from now...will I still remain a programmer...or phrased I still want to be coding away 3 years from now!!! What about the grand illusions of business accumen or writing skills lying potent and waiting to be harnessed away. Guess there will come a time of reckoning... god has given me all I wanted but made me wait for it...maybe he was attending to ppl with greater needs than me then but ironically by the time fruition is reached I have gravitated away to other fancies and he is panting hard and fast to catch up with my next desire. Its been two damned tough years since I've been back home. Every day is spent dreaming abt the sweet homecoming. Life is such a bitch now....I hate becoming older. I wonder if there are ppl in the world who dont have anything to worry abt. Well this is the worst of my blogs...I dont know why I wrote this just plain bored stiff here at work.

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